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Welcome to UA9OS homepage!

Victor N. Pisanov
Novosibirsk city, Russia
Obl NS

Was first licensed in 1960 as UA9OGV to operate 38 MHz band. It was the time of great enthusiasm and lack of communication equipment. It took me three years to qualify to General as UA9OS and five years more to climb to Extra category. Much time was spent on designing the antennas from which the most "significant" was a 40m QUAD in 1972. This monster helped me to be #1 in CQ WW in Asiatic Russia with my modest operating capability. To construct an "up-to-date" tranceiver I have read a lot in QST and in some papers received from my foregn friends so in 1986 I have completed the TRCVR of my own design with good sensitivity and selectivity, much better than military surplus receivers widely used by Russian hams. When Paul, W0AIH has donated me TS-450S in 1992 I felt in the seventh heaven from happiness. Now I have TS-850S which I've purchased with the help of Walter, KA5MIJ and I am competely satisfied with this rig. My latest headache of designing was transistoried 500W power amplifier. All this soldering left me well behind of my ham radio colleagues in DX-ing: in 1997 I had only 220 countries confirmed. So I put the soldering iron on the shelf and began to chase the DX seriously. In 1998 I've got my DXCC 255 and in 2002 5BDXCC. Now, in 2003 I have 321 CFM.
My address:
Victor Pisanov
PO Box 74,
Novosibirsk, 630123